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Etno and Taraf are singing in electoral campaign. What Romanian TV’s entered the electoral race?


14 central TV stations and 8 radios announced they are hosting electoral shows. The same applies to 158 local radios, 120 local TVs and 238 cable TVs.

The news and debates TV channels Antena 3, Realitatea TV, România TV, The Money Channel,, Digi 24, B1 TV and Nasul TV are running electoral shows, together with Taraf TV, Etno TV, Antena International, OTV, TV H2.0 and TVR 1 (together with its regional studios).

The central radios that will have broadcasts dedicated to the electoral campaign are Radio Romania Actualitati, Radio Bucuresti, Romania International 2, Europa FM, Radio RFI, Antena Satelor, Realitatea FM and Smart FM.

It isn’t the first time when Etno and Taraf have programs related to the electoral campaign. In 2009, when the Romanian presidential elections took place, the 2 music stations “sang” for Traian Basescu. As a consequence, they were fined by CNA with RON 10,000 each.
During the presidential campaign, Basescu had 6 hours of promotion on Etno TV and 5 on Taraf. Taraf and Etno (both owned by Silviu Prigoana) were also fined for an electoral pro-Basescu song.

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Autor: Petrişor Obae

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