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In Brief: TVR employees syndicate looks for Prime-Minister’s help



TVR syndicate SPUS TV demands help from Romanian Prime-minister Victor Ponta to fix the situation from TVR, that has debts of Euro 140M, menioning, in a memorandum, that the employees aren’t responsible for the situation the institution is in, according to Mediafax.

In a memorandum submitted to Romanian Government on November 12th and addressed to Prime-Minister Victor Ponta, SPUS TV says that the role and the mission of SRTv within Romanian society are very important, a fact that cannot be doubted or disputed by anyone.

“We reached this situation also because of fiscal legislation modification, that generated disastrous effects over SRTVs income and spending budget, by doubling the amounts dued to the state budget under different forms” – the memorandum says, showing that the payments dued to the state as TVA increased from 11.4% from TV tax incomes in 2005 to 20.25% in 2011

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Autor: Petrişor Obae

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