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Las Fierbinti, overran by Cinderella (Antena 1) and Liviu Varciu (Kanal D)


A special episode of Romanian Pro TV series Las Fierbinti was overrun last night by Antena 1 and Cinderella – the animation but also by Kanal D and Wheel of fortune hosted by Liviu Varciu.

It is the 1st time when Pro TV’s series is on the 3rd place, at least this season, when each of its episodes were leading in audiences.

Nationally, on Las Fierbinti interval, Antena 1’s Cinderella had 1.5M viewers, 277,000 more than Pro TV. In urban areas, Cinderella ranked over Las Fierbinti, with over 220,000 viewers difference per minute

On the commercial segment, Antena 1 had almost 40,000 viewers more than Pro TV, 460,000 for Cinderella (8.3 rtg) compared to 424,000 viewers (7.5rtg) for Pro TV.

Full audience is available here.

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Autor: Petrişor Obae

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