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Pro TV, Antena 1 and Kanal D - considerable audience growth in October; Antena 3 hands over 3rd place in prime time to Kanal D


Pro TV, Antena 1 and Kanal D posted serious increases in audience in October, especially during evenings, when each of the mention stations have over 100,000 more viewers compared to September.

During evenings, in prime time, Antena 3 looses on place, with Kanal D taking over the 3rd position of the audience podium. This new audience loss for Antena 3 comes after the TV station went down from 2nd to 3rd place in September.

The Prime-Time situation (between 19.00-23.00):

• Pro TV has, during evenings, around 802,000 viewers per minute, almost 160,000 more than in September
• Growth of over 100,000 viewers per minute also for Antena 1, with a total of 606,000 viewers in prime time.
• 3rd position in ratings changes, with Kanal D assuming it after its audience went up by 112,000 viewers in October. Antena 3 goes down from 3rd place to 4th, with a minus of 41,000 viewers.
• Prima TV wins one place (on 5th), with 50,000 more viewers, while TVR also increases in audience rankings, until 7th place
• OTV isn’t relevant anymore in the evenings, regressing all the way towards 20th place, behind Disney, Antena 2, TVR 2 or Etno.
How evenings look for News TVs?
• Antena 3 looses the 3rd place, but remains the most viewed news channel during evenings, with 323,000 viewers per minute.
• Romania TV: with 122,000 viewers per minute, it goes up on place, from 10th to 9th, ahead of B1 TV. Also, it has a slight advance compared to September (7,000 viewers).
• B1 TV: down one place, with a total of 111,000 viewers, 6,000 less than during previous month.
• Realitatea TV: closes the segment of 9-11 position occupied by news stations. The total viewership for evenings is of 82,000 per minute, 8,000 less compared to September
The Daily Average:
• Audience variations are much smaller when it comes of daily average viewership, with top 4 remaining unchanged: Pro TV, Antena 1, Antena 3 and Kanal D.
• To notice is Prima TV’s growth in terms of daily average, from 7th to 5th place. Acasa TV looses audience.

News stations in terms of daily average viewership:

• Antena 3 maintains 3rd place considering the daily average, although it looses 17,000 viewers per minute, being among the few TVs in top 10 that loose audience. The medium audience is 162,000 viewers.
• Romania TV goes up one place and reaches the 8th place, with a total of 65,000 viewers per minute.
• B1 TV gets in front of Realitatea TV in terms of daily average viewership, with the same numbers as in September, 59,000 viewers
• Realitatea TV gets behing B1, with a difference of just 1,000 viewers per minute and a total of 58,000 viewers per minute.

The audience tables for September and October are available here, both for prime time and daily average.

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Autor: Petrişor Obae

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