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Razvan Corneteanu bought Hotnews shares for Euro 96,000



Cristian Sima, former shareholder at, said that he sold his participation for Euro 96,000. Sima’s shares represented 9% of Media Bit Software and were took over by Razvan Corneteanu, former manager general Adevarul Holding.

Sima unveiled the amount he sold the actions for during an interview made by Robert Turcescu and broadcasted by B1 TV la emisiunea Sub semnul întrebării.

“I sold to the first person that came. Margarit sent him to me. Corneteanu came and told me “I offer you this” and I sold”, Sima said.

Media Bit Software shareholders are:

• Saliatean Diana Tereza – 4.5%
• Timbolschi Preoteasa Ionel Margarit – 36.9%
• Timbolschi Preoteasa Manuela – 31.4%
• Woinaroski Andrei – 18%
• Corneteanu Răzvan – 9%

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Autor: Petrişor Obae

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