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WAR ON CABLE: Discovery Channel, not available anymore on RCS’ Digi platform


Discovery Channel was removed, Friday morning, from the Digi TV platform owned by RCS&RDS. According to an official Discovery statement, the retransmission agreement between Discovery and RCS expires on November 30.

“This morning, we found out that RCS&RDS removed Discovery Channel from Digi Satelit platform. We are very disappointed about all that happens and we thing our viewers opinion matters; we encourage them to express their opinion by contacting the cable operator as soon as possible”, mentions a position sent by Discovery officials to

Discovery officials mentioned also that RCS rejected all their commercial offers and it was impossible to reach. Also, TV’s representatives underlined the fact that Discovery didn’t ask, during negociations, any modification of the tarrifs for its channels distribution.
Affected by this measure wasn’t just Discovery Channel, but also Discovery World and, in some cases, TLC and Animal Planet. According to Discoverys representatives, those changes were operated without them or subscribers being informed in advances.

The move comes as RCS recently launched 2 own documentaries TVs, Digi Life and Digi World, with another channel, Digi Animal World, being prepared for launch.
Discovery Channel was removed also from RCS networks in Hungary, on November 20th, both from cable and digital platform.

“It is possible for you to loose this channel” and a special protest website

Following Discovery being removed by RCS from its network, Dicovery Channel launched a special website for RCS&RDS subscribers. On a dedicated pagem there are banners with the most known shows from Discovery and messages on a simple idea: here’s what you will loose if you won’t have Discovery anymore

“We are deeply sorry to announce you that the retransmission agreement between Discovery Networks and RCS&RDS is going to expire on November 30th. In spite of our efforts to reach a new agreement with RCS&RDS, that we employed on a negotiation period of couple months, they rejected all our proposals” – it is explained on the website.

“ (…) If we want to help us keep Discovery Channels in RCS&RDS programs portfolio, express your point of view – contact CS&RDS”, the website says.

A message for the public – “You might loose this channel” - was also broadcasted within Discovery programs.

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Autor: Petrişor Obae

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