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X Factor, on the 3rd place for the first time


X Factor was defeated when it comes of audiences, when it posted the weakest results of the current season. Antena 1 was outrun by a movie with Steven Segal (Pro TV) and Ernest (Kanal D). X Factor also crossed paths with Steaua-Dinamo football derby (broadcasted by Digi Sport), but there is no available audience data for the game.

On X Factor broadcast interval, Antena 1 ranked 3rd at urban level. Nationally, the TV station ranked 4th, outrun by Mothers Exchange (Prima TV). The top doesn’t include Digi Sport, that broadcasted Steaua – Dinamo football derby.

On the commercial segment, X-Factor was watched, on average, by 403,000 viewers aged 18-49 y.o. (7.2 rtg). It ranked 2nd on this segment, after Pro TV (437,000 viewers, 7.9 rtg)

TV audience on November 4th, X-Factor broadcasting interval, URBAN

1. Pro TV: 751,000 viewers per minute (7.1 rtg)
2. Kanal D: 668,000 (6.4)
3. Antena 1: 606,000 (5.8)
4. Prima TV: 456,000 (4.3)
5. Antena 3: 295,000 (2,8)

TV audience on November 4th, X-Factor broadcasting interval, NATIONAL

1. Kanal D: 1,610,000 viewers (8.5)
2. Pro TV: 1,376,000 (7.2)
3. Prima TV: 1,053,000 (5.5)
4. Antena 1: 927,000 (4,9)
5. Antena 3: 385,000 (2)

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