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A politician and a journalist – Alina Gorghiu and Andreea Pora – top presences on news Tvs



Alina Gorghiu, Andreea Pora, Ecaterina Andronescu, Lavinia Sandru and Sandra Pralong Budis are the ones that had the most appearances on TV in November, according to a  mediaTRUST Romania monitoring. Each of the mentioned women had 10 appearances on news TVs. The 2nd runner is Monica Tatoiu (9 appearances)

When it comes of men, the situation is unchanged for November also: Mugur Ciuvica (29), Bogdan Chirieac (36) and Marius Pieleanu (23)

“Usual suspects” in news TVs sets

  • Antena 3 – most presences are for Mugur Ciuvica, followed by Bogdan Chirieac and Ilie Serbanescu.
  • B1TV - Sabin Orcan (10) is followed by Malin Bot (9) and Silviu Sergiu (8)
  • Digi 24 -  Emil Hurezeanu (11), followed by Alexandru Radu and Radu F. AlexandruSandra Pralong Budis and Costica Canacheu.
  • TV: Gheorghe Piperea, followed by Bogdan FiceacDiana Tache and Emil Hurezeanu.
  • Realitatea TV: Alecu Racoviceanu, Lavinia Sandru, Cristian Teodorescu and Alexandru Cautis
  • Romania TV: Bogdan Chirieac, Marius Pieleanu and Florin Iaru.

See full tables here

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Autor: Iulia Bunea

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