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Discovery Channel and Animal Planet loose 2.5M Romanian viewers after being removed from RCS&RDS offer



Discovery Channel and Animal Planet were removed, last week, from the cable network of RCS&RDS, after the retransmission contract between the 2 companies expired. The 2 TVs are out also from Digi network owned by the same operator.

After the removal from RCS&RDS program offer, Discovery Channel and Animal Planet lost around 2.5M viewers, subscribers on cable and satellite, according to data published by Mediafax. In 2011, TV programs retransmission market had 5.8M subscribers, according to ANCOM, from which over 2.5M had subscription contracts for RCS&RDS TV packages.

How many Romanians were watching Discovery channels before RCS&RDS removed them from its offer?

Discovery is the most watched documentaries channel or at least it was until it was removed from cable and satellite platform owned by RCS.

Discovery Channel and Animal Planet, owned by Discovery Networks, are 1st and, respectively, 3rd in the most watched documentary TVs top. The 2nd position is occupied by National Geographic.

From January to October, Discovery Channel leaded in audiences ranking in documentary segments. The channel had between an average of 13,000 viewers per minute all day to 22,000 viewers.

2nd documentary TV in audiences is National Geographic, with 10,000-13,000 viewers per minute on average on all day interval.

Animal Planet occupies 3rd place in audiences, with an average of 5,000 – 9,000 viewers average per minute.

Tables with most watched documentaries TV for January-October, for urban and national, are available here.

“Foreign bodies inside human bodies” was November’s documentary, the most watched program on documentary TVs. For each of its episodes, the documentary – that had its premiere this autumn – was having around 44,000 viewers per minute. 2nd place in this top was occupied by another Discovery documentary, “Dynamo – Magic at the impossible limit”

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Autor: Iulia Bunea

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