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Kanal D to broadcast an Oprah program format: Are you normal, America?



Kanal D will broadcast a new show, starting February 2013, a format that represents the Romanian version of Oprah Winfrey’s “Are you normal, America”.

The sets for the new show are already made and the hosts of the programs were already chosen

“Do you think you’re normal?”, as the show will be named in Romania, is a quiz show with delicate questions on normal life and will have 2 hosts, Escu and Tili Niculae, that Romanian public knows for her roles in Pro TV’s series.

According to info obtained by, one possible option to host the show was also Bianca Dragusanu

“Are you normal, America” is a program that tries to ask the questions the average Americans have, such as if it is normal to talk on the phone when you’re in the toilet or if it is normal for a parent to allow his kid to sleep, at home, with his/her lover. The show offers answers for these questions by making polls. In each edition of the show, there are contestants that can win money to find out if they are or not normal.

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Autor: Iulia Bunea

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