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Movies: The Mechanic, Sacrifice Heroes and Zorro – most viewed in November




The action movies were on top also in November and, when the action heroes aren’t  Jean Claude Van Damme or Steven Segal, than their place is taken over by Jason Statham and Stallone.

The Mechanic, broadcasted in a Sunday, in the same time with Antena 1’s X Factor, was November’s movie. The production, that has Jason Statham in the leading role, had over 1M viewers per minute, in urban areas. Sacrifice Heroes, also broadcasted on a Sunday, was 2nd in top, with 925.000 viewers, while Zorro with Antonio Banderas ranked 3rd .

Antena 1 managed to get in top 5 with Cinderella, broadcasted the very day Pro TV celebrated its 19 years anniversary, overrunning “Las Fierbinti”, a Pro TV series. Also, the TV station had good audiences by rerunning “Brigada Diverse” movies .

Full table available here.

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Autor: Iulia Bunea

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