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Romanian journalist Sabin Gherman, fined for discrimination in an editorial



Romanian journalist Sabin Gherman, columnist at and TV producer, was fined by Romanian National Anti-Discrimination Council (CNDC) with RON 600 (@Euro 150) for the statements he made in an editorial, according to

In that editorial (“Walter-Busca, to make myself clear, I don’t pay taxes for this, published in May 2012), Gherman criticizes in tough terms a player and a few people in the management of a football team, naming them “officials coming from over the mountains to get rich” .

Gherman intends to dispute the fine and explained he was misunderstood and he is being punished for an opinion crime.

The journalist was denounced to CNDC by Adrian Cinpoeru, former journalist and supporter of the football team.

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Autor: Iulia Bunea


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