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Suleyman’s Voice, stronger than Pro TV’s Voice



Romanians preffered sultan Suleyman to Tatu girls singing on Romania’s Voice (Pro TV), with Kanal D overrunning Pro TV in audience not only on Suleyman interval, but also during the entire Romania’s Voice broadcasting slot.

Kanal D surpassed Pro TV at a significant difference on national level and a small one in urban areas.

On the commercial public (18-49 y.o.), Pro TV was leader, but Kanal D assumed the 3rd position.

Romania’s Voice was broadcasted in 2 parts, separated by Pro TV News posted the audience tables here

On the interval Suleyman crossed paths with Romania’s Voice, differences between Kanal D and Pro TV were bigger: +100.000 viewers per minute more for Suleyman at urban level and over 200.000 more on national level .

Translation provided by AdHugger

Autor: Iulia Bunea

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