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The selection process within TVR – at the end



The selection process that TVR’s personnel was submitted to in order to establish who will get fired ended, according to Romanian state TV. After solving the contestations, the lists with the 800 employees that will leave TVR will be published published here some of the scores obtained by some of TVR’s stars and known employees, among which Mircea Radu, Adelin Petrisor and Eugenia Voda.

Among the higher scores were obtained by Demeter Andras Isvan – former radio chief and advisor of TVR’s president and by Claudiu Lucaci, the chief of TVR’s news and sport direction (95.09 points).

The final results will be published on December 21st. In the selection process entered 2,562 employees from the total of 2,784 people that were notified (92%).

“Demand for TVR’s selection reevaluation” – Adrian Bucur asks Romanian prime-minister

Romanian journalist Adrian Bucur wrote a letter to Romanian prime-minister Victor Ponta, asking him to reevaluate the employees of Romanian state TV.

“I saw people crying today, with indignation and revolt. They were the valuable people in TVR, the honest ones. But also the ones with no acquaintances or relations. And also not the ones that are “yesmen”-s

Bucur also mentions: “Misses Eugenia Voda is not an 10. She’s an 8. But the anonymus news reporter that spends New Year’s Eve with the bosses is a 10. Eugen Sobaru, that jumped from a balcony for our rights, is a 4. But the wife of the news evaluator is a 9.5”.

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Autor: Iulia Bunea

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