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CNA members meet “informally” previous to public meetings


CNA members are meeting informally to discuss certain points on daily agenda although, according to Audiovisual Law, all CNA’s meetings are public. The info was confirmed by Valentin Jucan, CNA member, that refused to be present to those informal meetings, as he doesn’t consider them legal.


“I was asked why I am not present to the informal meetings. And I said: because it isn’t correct towards broadcasters, because, when we have a discussion before they are able to present their point of view, it is like we already made an opinion and maybe we also already made a decision. It isn’t correct. It isn’t correct from regulation’s point of view to meet here and say it isn’t a public meeting”, Jucan said.

Those “informal”meetings were also introduced in the new functioning regulations, not approved yet.

According to Jucan, during the mentioned meetings, there are discussions related to the entire agenda scheduled for the public meeting that follows.

Laura Georgescu, designated CNA president, declined to comment on Jucan’s statements, saying she only discusses with him personally.

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Autor: Carmen Maria Andronache

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