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CNA’s budget approved and Radu Catalin Cristea – OKed by Parliament’s Commissions to become a CNA member


CNARomanian Parliament’s reunited Culture Commissions approved the budget demanded by CNA for 2013. The approved budget is 15% higher than last year.


In 2013, CNA will have a budget of RON 8.45M, up from RON 7.33M last year. During the debates, CNA’s president said that the budget’s increase is justified mainly by increases of salaries.

On the other hand, Radu Călin Cristea received the approval from the reunited Culture Commissions in Romanian Parliament to become member of CNA, according to Mediafax. His candidature had 20 positive votes and 2 abstentions.

If he will also receive a positive vote from the Parliament, he will become CNA member, replacing Mihai Malaimare, that resigned.

During the hearings, asked how CNA could get involved to prevent political interference in public TV, Cristea said that it will be impossible to eliminate them for good.

“Inevitably, each political party that will take over political power will try, one way or another, to make its presence felt (…) on TV. Knowing the situation from inside, I see no premises for a change”, he said.

Cristea also added that CNA has a very good law, but it must be applied more thoroughly. Radu Calin Cristea was proposed by Government as CNA member to fill in the vacancy after Malaimare’s resignation.

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Autor: Carmen Maria Andronache

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