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Dan Negru, at PaginademediaTV: I got in TV because of my music vinyls


Dan Negru - Foto: Laurentiu Obae
Dan Negru - Foto: Laurentiu Obae


Dan Negru said, during an interview for PaginademediaTV, that being cheap was what brought him in the TV world. “After Revolution, I had a lot of vinyls at home. Radio Timisoara was open and colleagues asked me to bring them. In order not to have them destroyed, I was bringing them with me and I was running them on air. And they also made me speak about them at the microphone”, remembers Negru.

After starting his career in radio, Romanian TV launched its territorial studio in 1990. Being in the same building with the radio, the radio team was making, back then, also TV.

“The first show I made was with Angela Similea. I was sitting in front of cameras and I didn’t know anything. And Similea took my hand from time to time and told me <<Dan, you’re going to make a great TV host, trust yourself>>. I made “Geniuses” show at Antena 1 years after and misses Similea insisted I’d be her presenter. During the show, she took my hand and asked: Do you remember what I told you in Timisoara?”.

Negru: I got a lot of offers from TVs; I get more money from real estate than TV

Even if he produced with full heart and soul, during the last years, entertainment shows at Antena 1, Negru said he always had offer from other TVs, but never accepted any. He said that even if Adrian Sarbu – “that changed the face of TV market in Romania” - would call him to propose a meeting, he would consult with his bosses, as a matter of common courtesy. He also added Sarbu didn’t look for him personally to propose any format.

About Dan Voiculescu, Negru said he didn’t have contacts too often with him, all resuming to a few phone calls.

Besides TV, Negru is also involved in real estate and said, in an interview for, that got more money from lands and buildings businesses than from being on the screen.

If he would have to quit being on the screen, he would still remain involved in TV sector.

Why is Dan Negru yelling and gesticulate in his shows?

Host of more entertainment shows at Antena 1 and of the 13 last New Year’s shows, Dan Negru is known for his dynamic and electrifying style to present his programs: yells, makes a lot of gestures, is close to having a heart attack or to lose his voice.

“It all started from big set’s pieces and poor sound. I must admit that. There were no speakers on the set. I was yelling because I felt the need to coordinate the armies of celebrities, making gestures with my hands and yelling. I created this style. I don’t believe in people that change their style from one season to another. But the quiz area is with less yellings”, Negru explained.

Although he has a successful career, Negru admits he also has some frustrations, such is the fact he never presented an international format. He admits though that he couldn’t present a talent show or has a discourse in front of a jury and mentions that “it is good to know your limits”.

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Autor: Carmen Maria Andronache

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