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Evenimentul zilei relaunches its TV Guide



Romanian daily Evenimentul zilei will relaunch its TV guide, Ghidul TV, 3 years after dropping it, Dan Andronic, shareholder of Evenimentul zilei & Capital Publishing house, said for

A TV guide brings a sales boost but is also an advertising tool. For now, I gave the ok for the project, we are working on it and we hope for it to be out in the end of February. In nowadays circumstances, I believe it worth introducing it on the market – Dan Andronic.

According to Andronic, the day the TV guide will be on the market would be either Monday or Thursday, before other similar publication from other magazines.

Andronic also thinks the TV guide will bring a 20-30% increase in sales for the day it will appear on the market.

In what concerns the price, the newspaper and the TV Guide will be sold together for around RON 3, but the final price will be established after a price analysis.

Evenimentul zilei dropped the TV Guide in February 2010, when the newspaper adopted also a smaller format and dropped Sunday edition for a week-end edition on Saturday.

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Autor: Carmen Maria Andronache

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