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Gândul’s answer for the Brits: “Why don’t you come here? We speak better English than everywhere in France”


30_ads1_w_LRGWhy don’t you come over” is the answer Romanian gave to the intention of British ministers to launch a campaign aimed to convince Bulgarians and Romanians not to assault UK after the restrictions on labor market will be eliminated. wants to answer with the campaign to “UK authorities’ fear towards Romanian invaders”.


Gândul and Romanian advertising agency GMP Advertising will launch daily two new posters part of the campaign.

Some of the slogans used within the campaign are “We may not like Britain, but you will love Romania. Why don’t you come over?”, „Charles bought a house here in 2005. And Harry was never photographed naked”, “We speak English better than anywhere in France”.

The campaign also stirred reactions in UK, as The Guardian asked them to come up with their own creations to help keeping immigrants away from Great Britain.

Romanian campaign, covered by The Independent, Huffington Post, Channel 4, BBC News and ITV

More and more British publications are covering extensively the answer from and GMP Advertising to UK authorities’ reaction on the “impending wave” of Romanian and Bulgarian immigrants after the labor restrictions on the UK market will be eliminated.

After the subject was covered by Huffington Post and Channel 4, The Independent followed, with an article headlined “Worried about immigration? Then come to Romania - all our women look like Kate and Pippa”

British journalists don’t forget to mention London’s fears on removing the visa restrictions and to underline the average salary in Romania and Bulgaria, which is around 300 pounds.

Independent also quotes Gongu, Creative Director GMP:

“The British have the best humour - but we’re quite good too (…) Most of us are decent, hardworking people who pay their taxes, in Romania, or in the UK and majority of Romanians in the UK help the economy (…) The image of Romanians in the British and European press is biased… We like spending time with our families, going to the pub with our friends after work. We’re exactly like everyone else”

Romanian campaign also crossed the Ocean, with Philadelphia Inquirer publishing in its online edition an article written by AP’s correspondent in Romania, Alison Mutler, headlined “Romanians and Bulgarians answer UK on its immigration fears”.

BBC News and ITV also covered the subject.

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Autor: Carmen Maria Andronache

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