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Gianina Corondan, Sanda Visan and Constantin Uscat – to be laid off by TVR; Cezar Ion sues TVR for being abusively fired


Sursa Foto: Mediafax Foto
Sursa Foto: Mediafax Foto


TVR published the list of 627 employees that are to be laid off, with names such as Gianina Corondan, Sanda Vişan, Luminiţa Velciu, Elise Stan or Constantin Trofin being among them.

“Heavy” names from TVR are also on the list, such as Horia Romanescu – director Programs Direction and member in an evaluation committee or Cezar Ion – director Editorial direction.

Some young hosts of public TV are also restructured, with Irninis Miricioiu, Andreas Petrescu and Adriana Titieni being among them.

Pavel Lucescu, journalist that wasn’t present to the contest, is also on the list. Adrian Ion Sobaru, the electrician that jumped from Parliaments balcony, is not present on the list, although he got a low score (42,66), didn’t challenge the result and isn’t on social cases list.

Cezar Ion sues TVR for being abusively fired

Cezar Ion, director Editorial Direction of TVR, will challenge in justice the “abusive, vulgar and criminal decision” related to him being laid off, as he stated for

Sanda Vişan will also challenge the decision, as she wasn’t legally notified to take part to the selection process.

Ion works for Public Television for almost 20 years and previously opened 4 suits against it, winning all of them.

Another two ex-bosses from TVR, Horia Romanescu and Dan Radu, said they won’t challenge the decision.

Constantin Trofin: “One must be masochist to fight to stay in TVR!”

Constantin Trofin, also on the list with people to be laid off from TVR, considers a proof of masochism any fight to stay in TVR.

Trofin, editor in chief at Special Programs redaction, doesn’t intend to challenge the decision and will return to Cluj, where he teaches at Journalism Faculty. He doesn’t exclude become partner again with Ovidiu Uscat (now director at Look TV), his shows partner at TVR Cluj and Antena 1 years ago

Corina Danila and other 54 TVR employees – social cases

Corina Danila is one of the names mentioned a lot as one of TVR’s employees that will remain in state TV’s team. Former host now mentioned as program producer at TVR3, was considered a social case, as she is divorced and has an underage kid. The same situation applies to a number of other TVR employees that entered the list of 55 social cases accepted by the Managing Board.

The laid off employees will receive, according to the collective work contract, more compensatory salaries, with the total amount reaching to Euro 4M.

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Autor: Carmen Maria Andronache

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