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Hide and seek with RTV’s Facebook account


facebook internetRomania TV had its Facebook account closed for 2 days, but it all came back to normal, with TV station’s official blaming the admin of the page, saying he was working for other pages too, all deleted by Facebook for wrong doings they aren’t aware of.


How was the page restored?

“We contacted Facebook, we explained them that we invested a huge amount in Facebook Adds. From what we understood, the deletion wasn’t operated by a person, but by a robot. We explained to them that we reached to 786,000 fans also because we promoted the Facebook page on Romania TV, advertising worth Euro 2M at rate cards. They understood and reopened our page”, Costin Ilie, publisher, explained.

What happened with the page?

“We had an admin for RTV’s page that was also making apps. (…) This person was in charge with multiple Facebook pages, we don’t know what he did wrong, but Facebook deleted all the pages where he was present as manager. We were collateral victims. We weren’t guilty with any wrong doing towards Facebook’s policy”, Costin Ilie said.

Ilie also explained that RTV’s page was closed second day after the admin of the page was handed the management for’s page too. page, with 3,800 fans gathered in 2 years of existence, was deleted also, like all the others managed by the same person.

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Autor: Carmen Maria Andronache

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