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INSOLVENCY: Jurnalul – close to Euro 14M debts. Crescent, G Canale and Intact Publishin – main creditors


jurnalul nationalIntact Publishing, that publishes Jurnalul National and is in insolvency, has total debts of over Euro 13.6M.


The main creditor, with Euro 4.7M to recover, is Crescent Commercial&Maritime Limited, a company controlled by Voiculescu family.

Second is G Canale, that printed books in “Library for All” collection, with Euro 3.5M. G Canale is also the company that demanded Intact’s insolvency and organizing an auction to sell Jurnalul’s brands.

Intact Publishing managed to avoid the auction in the last moment, demanding to enter insolvency.

On creditors list there are also present more companies of the group: Intact Publishing, Intact Media Group, Antena TV Group but also Dan Voiculescu (with around Euro 40.000 to recover) and Corina Voiculescu (Euro 20.000). Also, Varujan Vosganian, Economy Minister, has Euro 42,000 to receive from Jurnalul.

Other creditors are Litera Publishing House (Euro 894,000), Curtea Veche Publishing (Euro 580,000), RAAPPS (Euro 183,000) or Art Editorial Group (Euro 25.000). The full list of creditors is available here.

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Autor: Carmen Maria Andronache

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