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Loredana Groza and Gigi Becali – most talked about in printed press


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Loredana Groza and Gigi Becali are the most mentioned Romanian personalities in the printed publications that appeared on the market between December 15th – January 14th, according to a mediaTRUST Romania monitoring report.

Groza had, during the mentioned period, 58 mentions in printed publications, within articles related to “Voice of Romania”show, to the launch and promotion of her new album, participation to different events and the special prize she received from Elle magazine.

She is seconded by Bianca Draguşanu (55 mentions), mostly mentioned in relation to her break up from the Romanian football player Adrian Cristea and her new romantic relation with Victor Slav.
Anda Adam, previously romantically involved with Victor Slav, ranked 3 rd in the mentions top, with 49 mentions, followed by Oana Zavoranu (48 mentions) and Andreea Raicu (46).

The breaking up of Stefan Banica Jr – Andreea Marin couple lifted Andreea Marin on the 6 th position of the most mentioned top.

When it comes of men, Gigi Becali remains on the 1st position in top, with 375 mentions, followed by Laurentiu Reghecampf, Steaua’s coach (218) and Victor Piţurcă (112)

Full table with most mentioned personalities during the analyzed period is available here.

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