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Pro TV attracted highest audiences in 2013’s first day


If Antena 1 got the New Year’s night, when the program hosted by Dan Negru put Intact’s channel on the 1st place, Pro TV topped the audiences in the 1st day of 2013. The channel got record audiences with 19.00 News, watched by almost 3M Romanians.


Pro TV distanced itself from Antena 1 in prime time, when it broadcasted 2 movies, a Romanian one directed by Sergiu Nicolaescu and an American one.

In prime time, Pro TV was watched by 2.2M Romanians every minute, from which over half living in urban areas. Antena 1 was on the 2nd place, with 1.4M viewers, from which 760,000 living in urban areas.

Pro TV News were watched by 2.97M every minute (1.3M urban), with Antena 1’s Observer following, with 1.3m viewers (772,000 urban).

When it came of movies, Pro TV kept 2.1M Romanians in front of the TV for “Immortals” directed by Sergiu Nicolaescu, while, in the same time, Antena 1 was watched by 1.4M people (770,000 urban).

Audience tables for the first day of 2013 are available here.

Translation provided by AdHugger.

Autor: Carmen Maria Andronache

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