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Rosca Stanescu: I would like to reduce CNA to an institution that watches technical broadcasting standards



Liberal senator Sorin Roşca Stănescu, member in Senate’s Culture Commission, said that a new Audiovisual Law is needed and he would wish CNA to be reduced strictly to an institution overseeing the technical broadcasting standards for radios and TVs, with the law infringements to be handled by prosecutors, Mediafax writes.

He mentioned a new audiovisual law is needed and said he will try to convince his colleagues from Parliament and Commission that that is needed.

“I would like to reduce this institution that regulates audiovisual strictly to an institution that oversees technical broadcasting standards for Radios and TVs and that would have absolutely no power to discuss TV and radio shows content, with the infringements done during those to be handled by other institutions, as Consumer Protection and others, that will apply fines, as we have very clear laws in this direction”, Sorin Roşca Stănescu said.

On the other hand, Senator Gabriela Firea supports applying the economic recovery program of TVR and wants some meetings with representatives of written press to find ways to grant them financial support from the Government.

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Autor: Carmen Maria Andronache

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