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„The Specialist” Stallone overrun Dallas


dallas-tntThe second Saturday with the new Dallas didn’t posted the same performances as serie’s debut on Antena 1. „The Specialist” with Sylvester Stallone, that was broadcasted by Pro TV, had an audience twice bigger than the series with JR Ewing, Bobby and Sue Ellen.


Dallas posted half of last week’s performance, when it was audience’ leader.

At urban level, Dallas was watched, Saturday evening, by 618,000 viewers every minute, while Pro TV and The Specialist scored 1.2M viewers per minute on the same audience segment.

Almost 2.5M viewers were watching, every minute, at national level, the movie starring Stallone, while Antena 1’s Dallas was watched by 1.3M viewers.

On the commercial segment, Dallas was watched every minute by 296,000 viewers (5.4 rating), while Stallone was watched by 691,000 (12.5 rtg).

Audience data is available here.

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Autor: Carmen Maria Andronache

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