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Vlad Macovei shifts from chief of EVZ to project manager Capital; Simona Ionescu takes over as editor in chief with Silviu Sergiu as deputy



Vlad Macovei, editor in chief Evenimentul zilei, became the new project manager at Capital, with Simona Ionescu taking over as editor in chief at EvZ. Silviu Sergiu is the new deputy editor in chief at Evz.

“The economic and editorial engine in 2013 will become Capital (…) Vlad Macovei has background as an economic journalist, has experience on dailies and is suited for this job. Moreover, it was a logical move for him also after 5 years of Evenimentul zilei”, Dan Andronic, shareholder Evenimentul zilei & Capital Publishing House.

“After a year and a half, I think we manage to put EVZ on the right track from all points of view. The newspaper looks as a publication that seeks to resist on the market should: we don’t copy news from TV (…) I don’t care about numbers , what matters is the trend, slightly up, and the fact that the newspaper has a loyal readership. On online, our results almost doubled”, Andronic added.

When it comes of Capital, Andronic wants a graphical and support change for the magazine, aiming to use thicker paper, glossy covers and have the content in 80 pages. He said that he is analyzing what those changes would mean from costs point of view.

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Autor: Carmen Maria Andronache

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