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Andreea Marin – most talked about personality in printed press


andreea marin la realitateaAndreea Marin is the Romanian personality with the most mentions in the printed press (118) between January 15th and February 14th, according to mediaTRUST.


Most articles mentioning Andreea Marin refer to her divorcing Ştefan Bănică Jr., but there are also materials talking about her participation to charitable events, to the critics she made towards paparazzi and tabloids and her plans to come back on TV.

Second most talked about is Bianca Drăguşanu, present in the top of the most talked during the last 9 months. Her 101 mentions are related mainly to her relationship with Victor Slav. Next are Anamaria Prodan (64), Anda Adam (60) and Nicoleta Luciu (56).

An unusual apparition in mediaTRUST’s top is Simona Gherghe, ranking #10. Gherghe was mentioned mainly in relationship with the show she presents on Antena 1.

When it comes of male figures, most mentioned were Gigi Becali (651), Laurenţiu Reghecampf (395) and Victor Piţurcă (220). The only people present in top that do not have ties with football world are Dan Diaconnescu (#5, 130 articles) and Ştefan Bănică Jr. (#8, 102).

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Autor: Carmen Maria Andronache

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