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CNA – close to be judicially executed by Antena 3 for RON 6,159


CNACNA received a notice for judicial execution regarding the amount of RON 6,159 representing amounts spent on laws suits after Antena 3 won, in justice, the annulement of a fine worth RON 10,000. In case CNA doesn’t pay, its accounts might get blocked.


When it comes to paying the money, Laura Georgescu, CNA president, said that the institution doesn’t have other option unless it redirects the money allocated for other spending.

This isn’t a singular case, with CNA having some other law suits related to annulement of the fines it ordered.

CNA intends to demand broadcasters to cease asking to recover from the institution their spending for law suits.

According to CNA’s president, the 10 law suits CNA lost with Antena 3 between 2009-2011 could cost the institution around RON 20,000. This subject was a reason for intense debates within the Council.

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Autor: Carmen Maria Andronache

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