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Gandul’s “Why don’t you come over?” campaign at the end


Capturaţi ecranul complet 12.02.2013 004910.bmpGândul’s “Why don’t you come over?” campaign reached to its end on Monday, with Romanians message towards David Cameron, British prime minister. The message was published in The Guardian, as Mediafax wrote.


The message published on The Guardian’s page 8 explains the reason of the campaign, to chase away, with humor, the fears over an improbable invasion coming from Romania, with the result being a dialogue between the citizens of the 2 countries, all with the help of some posters that became viral and of the website

“Once citizens started a debate, isn’t it the time for politicians to join them?”- is the message in the print that closes the campaign.

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Autor: Carmen Maria Andronache

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