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Romanians enter with Seenow in Greece and Cyprus; one movie=Euro 2-4


-Samsung_smart_tv_seenow_VOD1 (1)Direct One, a Romanian company that offers on local market the online VOD service Seenow, intelligent TVs, smartphones and tablets, entered Greek and Cypriot markets following a partnership with Samsung.


Seenow app launched on the new markets looks similar with the one in Romania and is available for Greek users only on Samsung TVs and BluRay.

Seenow users are paying just for the movies they chose to see. The payment is made with credit card, with no other monthly payments. The movies’ costs range from Euro 2 to Euro 4.

“Seenow’s launch on Greek market is the 1st step in our platform regionalization plan and we plan to launch the app also in other countries by the end of 2013”, Marian Pantazescu, CEO Direct One, said.

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Autor: Carmen Maria Andronache

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