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“Romanians got talent”- most viewed edition since launch: over 5.6M Romanians viewed it every minute


Romanii au talent pupatRomanians got talent” new edition had the best audience since the show was launched in Romania 2 years ago. The average audience per minute was of 5.6M Romanians, from which half (2.8M) living in urban areas.


At national level, the show was watched by 5.6M Romanians each minute, followed by Acasa TV (674,000 viewers), Antena 1 and “Fast and Furious” ranked 3rd while Kanal D and National TV claimed the next 2 places.

The golden minute for Pro TV’s show was 22.11, when 7.12M people were watching the show.

At urban level, from Pro TV’s show viewers, 2.77M were living in urban areas. Next places were occupied by Antena 1 (381,000 viewers), Acasa, Antena 3 and National TV.

The urban golden minute was 22.11, with 3.62M viewers.

On the commercial segment, from the total of Pro TV’s show viewers, 1.46M had 18-49 y.o. (26.5 rtg), followed by Antena 1 (254,000 people, 4.6 rtg)

More audience data for “Romanian got talent” broadcasting slot is available here.

Translation provided by AdHugger

Autor: Carmen Maria Andronache

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