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Some Romanian TVR hosts, “in the air” after TVR decided to end copyrights contracts


Sursa Foto: Mediafax Foto
Sursa Foto: Mediafax Foto


More Romanian TV hosts that appear in the air on Romanian State TV have an unclear situation after Romanian TVR decided to drop the copyrights contracts

Starting February 1st, those hosts are doing their job voluntary, appearing in the air even if their copyrights contracts were terminated and their situation is yet unclear.

The hosts affected by this decision are Cristina Soare, Romica Jurca (Weather), Ligia Munteanu (Host 20.00 Journal), Radu Tudor (morning news) and Alina Badea (TVR 2).

Besides the people that appear on screen, the measure also affects TVR’s correspondents, people working in graphical departments and other employees.

The measure was announced couple days ago and applied starting February 1st, without a solution being presented until now.

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Autor: Carmen Maria Andronache

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