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Special show for Dragobete, at TVR 2


tvrRomanian state TV’s TVR 2 has a special show for Dragobete, a live entertainment show „Love for 2”. The show starts at 14.10 and is hosted by Liana Stanciu and Constantin Lupescu.


Among the guests of the show are Alice Barb and George Ivascu, Cornelia Catanga and Aurel Padureanu, Ileana Stana and Andrei Ionescu, Cora and Marian Dragulescu, Giulia and Vlad Huidu, Ianna, Gelu Voicu and his wife– Felicia, Mihai Margineanu, Ducu Bertzi, Stefan Stan, Daniel Iancu, and the music groups Voltaj, Bere Gratis, VH2, Distinto and Iris.

Translation provided by AdHugger

Autor: Carmen Maria Andronache

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