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Media Research Day: Print advertising, down 80-85% compared to 2008


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Silviu Ispas, president BRAT, said, during Media Research Day, that the advertising in print decreased drastically, by 80-85% compared to 2008. When it comes of publications’ number of copies per edition, Ispas said the decrease is of 35-40%, as the number of readers also decreased, but only by 25%.

Orlando Nicoara, General Manager Mediafax Group, was present at the event and spoke, among other, about the distribution of printed press, which he considers the biggest problem print has.

“The problem is that distribution, in Romania, destroyed the biggest part of print (…) Unfortunately, this is industry’s problem and, if print will disappear from Romania, that will happen because of the distribution, not because people don’t want to buy”, Nicoara said.

Among the participants to the event were Giovanni Fabris –WFA consultant, Irena Petric – General Manager NOM Netherlands, Anca Stancov – Head of Media Orange Romania, Dan Balotescu – Managing Partner Media Investment, Orlando Nicoara – General Manager Mediafax Group and Andi Dumitrescu – General Manager GfK Romania.

Ispas: There are cases when rebate is used as a pressure on the publisher

In his intervention, BRAT president said that rebates, discounts and commissions evolved during last 10-15 years, in a natural way and as a commercial decision. Although he doesn’t consider rebate abnormal, he also said that there are cases when it is used as a way to put pressure on the publisher

Anca Stancov, Head of Media Orange Romania: Budgets are down for everyone, not just for print

Stancov said that budgets diminished for everyone, not just for print. As the representative of one of the main advertisers in Romania, she said there is a need to know what changed in print consumption as advertisers feel the public don’t give the same importance and trust to print anymore.

“We need to see why audiences went down and what can be done. We need to see who really reads, what are the looking for and how they interact with newspapers’ and magazines’ content”, she added. “We are interested on why audiences dropped and that didn’t came because of the rebate”, she said

On expanding the online advertising monitoring to include Yahoo, Google and Facebook, Arina Ureche, General Manager BRAT, said that data is being collected starting March 1 st and the conclusions will be presented in the 1st week of April

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