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Mircea Medaru - Executive Director Adevarul; more changes among administrators


Sursa foto AdevarulMircea Medaru will be appointed on the newly created position of Executive Director Adevarul Group, company owned by Cristi Burci, sources inside the company informed Other changes are also expected when it comes of groups companies’ administrators.


Who is Mircea Medaru?

Medaru has TV experience and worked in Prima TV back in the days when the station was owned by Burci, than he became a programs director at Realitatea and managed Sport TV, launched by Silviu Prigoană. That channel was later sold to MediaPro and became Medaru handled the sports station’s acquisitions and a consultant for Pro TV.

Adevarul Holding undergoes changes also at administrators level. Yesterday, Iulian Matache, one of the administrators, quitted, one day after Gabriela Enescu – also administrator and operations director – handled her resignation. Cătălin Mănescu, also one of Cristi Burci’s close people in Prima TV era, was appointed administrator.

Adevarul Holding, now in insolvency, has as special administrator Denisa Turcu, also former collaborator of Burci while working as financial director for International Railway Systems .

Management structure at Adevarul

At least on the paper, Adevarul Group still has Petre Imre as General Manager. The reality is that Imre is seen more and more rarely in Adevarul’s Pipera building.

In the new hierarchy, Medaru is the next in command, as Executive Director of the group.

General publisher of the group is, now, Răvan Ionescu, that started together with Burci an online project before Adevarul’s take over took place. Later, the online platform was borrowed for the new website. A week ago, Ionescu suddenly took holidays.

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