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Romania TV and Realitatea TV cannot broadcast anymore a social- democrat ad


CNA_29_ian_09_050CNA demanded the news TV channels Realitatea TV and Romania TV to cease broadcasting a social- democrat ad that entered in the air on March 1st.


The ad presented some social-democrat politicians, among which Victor Ponta and Tony Blair, but also George Maior, Romanian Intelligence Services director.

According to TVs representatives, the ad isn’t broadcasted anymore, with Realitatea TV removing it after March 1st and Romania TV ceased broadcasting it on Monday.

2 CNA members claimed the ad is political advertising, therefore it breaks the law. Another CNA member considered it was “an information campaign on what social-democracy means”

According to, that quotes Costin Ilie, director at Let’s do it media (the company that placed the ad on Realitatea and Romania TV), the video belongs to a Bruxelles foundation that “wants to promote social-democracy in Romania, it has nothing to do with Romania.

After Realitatea TV and Romania TV broadcasted the ad in which Maior appears, Romanian Intelligence Services reacted, qualifying as inadmissible to use Maior’s image in the clip.

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Autor: Carmen Maria Andronache

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