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2 amendaments CNA voted didn’t make it in Official Monitor; criminal complaint against CNA’s president


CNADuring a special conference at CNA, 3 of its members say that 2 amendaments voted by the Council didn’t make it in Official Monitor also. Valentin Jucan, Narcisa Iorga and Florin Gabrea announced they will send official denouncements to the presidents of Parliament’s Chambers, to the prime minister and to the European commissioner for Education.


Moreover, Jucan also stated he intends to make a criminal complaint against Georgescu, which he accuses of bad faith.

Although voted by CNA, the 2 amendaments weren’t included anymore in the Audiovisual Code.

According to Georgescu, the 2 amendaments weren’t “submitted to public debate, as the legal procedure demands”.

The amendaments that didn’t make it into the Official Monitor published version of Audiovisual Code were forbidding broadcasting gambling between 06.00 – 23.00 and mentioning that the shows exploiting moral or indecent aspects from someone’s intimate life can only be broadcasted between 24.00-06.00 and only with that person’s written agreement.

Narcisa Iorga:

“We are present here 3 of the CNA members. We are making these statements in our own name. we want to make known a fact that happened a week ago. In the Official Monitor there was published a form of a decision adopted by CNA in a certain way, different from the initial form voted by CNA.
We had sufficient motivations to argument to modify the code. The project was subjected to public debate for 30 days. This decision was adopted in a certain form and, 2 days later, in the Official Monitor, it appeared in a different form”

The criminal denouncement made by Jucan against Georgescu “has as an object the falsification by CNA’s president of the text of the decision no 141 / 28 march 2013, by modifying the text adopted unanimously by CNA members with an illegal one”, according to a press release sent by Jucan.

In the same time with the criminal denouncement, Jucan demands Georgescu to quit from the position of CNA president.

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Autor: Carmen Maria Andronache

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