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Anti-rebate ordinance, published in Romanian Official Monitor, in a new version


Sursa: România liberă
Sursa: România liberă


Friday, in the Romanian Oficial Monitor, there was published the Emergency Ordinace modifying Audiovisual Law, that regulates CNA’s activity and the audio-video market, according to Hotnews.

According to the published text, any advertising agency that wants to intermediate buying TV ad space is obliged to have authorization to act as representative for that TV.

The published ordinance also states that people that demand audiovisual licenses must present certificates to show their company doesn’t have unpaid debts to the state budgets, exception being companies that benefit of help of re-echaloning; the text also mentions that the audiovisual licence can be ceaded only with CNA’s agreement and not earlier than a year since it started broadcasting and neither as long as the company that owns it or the one that would take over it have debts to the state budget. To note is that this ordinance stops Dan Diaconescu from taking over another licence, after his company, Ocram Televiziune, was left without OTV’s licence following a CNA decision.

Practically, the Emergency Ordinance takes the rebate (a significant part of advertising agencies’ income) from agency’s budget and moves it on the direct relation TV – advertising client.

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Autor: Carmen Maria Andronache

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