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AUDIENCES: Pro TV – highest increase in March; news TVs continue to loose audience in the evening


Romanii au talent robotPro TV has the biggest increase in audience among TV stations in March, a month when its programs included shows like Romanians got talent and Masterchef.


During the same month, it is obvious a decrease in interest towards news TVs during the evening, when generalist TVs have scheduled their “force” programs, such as Suleyman the magnificent (Kanal D), MasterChef (Pro TV), Wheel of Fortune (Kanal D), Romanians got talent (Pro TV), Romania dances or Do I Know you from somewhere (Antena 1).

The news TVs still posted growth, but in terms of daily average audience.

Prime time: The highest growth in prime time was registered by Pro TV, that reached to 1.2M viewers per minute in March, 200,000 more compare to February. Pro TV reached to a double audience compared to Antena 1, ranking 2nd with 639.000 viewers, up 20,000 compared to February.

Top 10 TVs in prime time remains unchanged in March, compared to February.

Kanal D had 20,000 viewers more in March compared to previous month, with 549,000 viewers per minute.

News TVs had declining audiences in March: Antena 3 - 318.000 viewers, Romania TV - 29.000 viewers less compared to previous month and B1 TV - 14.000 viewers less than in February.

Realitatea TV ranks 14 in the top, with 67.000 viewers.

Daily average: The distance between Pro TV and Antena 1 is smaller when the daily average viewership is taken in consideration: Pro TV - 559.000 viewers in March, Antena 1 - 411.000 viewers at urban level

With few exceptions, main TV stations posted growing audience for the entire day. When it comes of news stations, Antena 3 grew from 178.000 to almost 200.000 viewers in March, while Romania TV lost audience, from 86,000 to 83,000 viewers.

TVR went up from 9 to 7 and went over 100,000 viewers per minute.

The audience tables are available here.

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Autor: Carmen Maria Andronache

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