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Bittman in the same time on Antena and Pro lands on CNA’s table


bittman antena 1The case of Dan Bittman’s interview broadcasted in the same time on Pro TV and Antena 1 was analyzed by CNA, as the council received complaints from viewers that were confused that both interviews seemed to be live.


According to monitoring specialists, on Antena 1’s screen the announcement “Live” was posted for 9 minutes, although the interview was pre-registered, while the artist was present live at Happy Hour.

Narcisa Iorga demanded for a public somation, but her proposal didn’t receive the needed votes.

Antena’s representative explained that there was some confusion, but the situation was corrected, with Simona Gherghe mentioning, in the end, that the interview was registered.

Translation provided by AdHugger

Autor: Carmen Maria Andronache

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