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Jurnalul National is firing its journalists; they will receive their dued payments no matter if they stay or go


jurnalul nationalA day after journalists from Jurnalul national started an anonymous protest, they were announced a new organigram is being introduces, hence some will be fired.


In a message coming from Dan Matiescu, General Manager Intact Publishing, the journalists are being given insurances that they will receive their money for the 4 months they weren’t paid for “no matter they will still be or not part of the new team”.

Anonymous protest at Jurnalul

Days ago, Jurnalul National’s employes launched an anonymous protest for not receiving their paycheck for 4 months. They opted for the anonymous action because “of the contractual clauses imposed by Intact Publishing’s management, that aren’t allowing any form of protest or making public any contractual clauses or information that could affect the company’s interests” . Also, the protesters said the main reason for their action is “the voluntary unpayment of the salaries and copyrights dued for 4 months by Intact Publishing”

The protest is supported with a blog and a Facebook page.

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Autor: Carmen Maria Andronache

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