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Next Star with Dan Negru, 1st place in audiences, over Pro TV


next starKids’ talent show Next Star, that debuted on April 18th on Antena 1, ranked 1st in audiences. The program hosted by Dan Negru was leader on its broadcasting slot, overcoming Pro TV both at national and urban level. Antena ranked second only on the commercial public.


Dan Negru and his show intersected, during the 1st part of the program, with Las Fierbinti and then with Spitalul de Dementa, both Pro TV shows. Considering the average for the entire show (20.30-23.00), Negru claimed the 1st place. While broadcasted in the same time with Las Fierbinti, Negru’s show was under Pro TV, but it topped it while broadcasted in the same time with Spitalul de Dementa.

Another 1st last night was Capcan TV on Prima TV, with the show having an average viewership of 490.000 people, 246.000 of them living in urban areas.

Full audience tables are available here

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Autor: Carmen Maria Andronache

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