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TVR gets nationalistic: the new shows – abundant in “Romanian” titles


tvrFor its spring programming, TVR organized an internal shows projects contest for TVR1, TVR2 and TVR International. The winning titles, although temporary, can offer a hint on public TV’s employees imagination or to a real infusion of patriotism: not less than 7 titles have Romanian “roots”.


On TVR 1, Cristi Tabara proposed the tourism show “Exclusively in Romania”. Monica Ghiurco will have a section in that show that will be called “Traveler through Romania”. In what concerns investigation show, Razvan Butaru came up with “Folder Romania”.

At TVR International, there’s a real crowd of “Romanian” titles: Romanian language show will be “Romanian”, the cultural one – “Romanian DNA”, while Gabriela Dumbrava’s socio-economical project will be “Romania tour-retour”. Not the last, “We feel well in Romania” is the temporary show for the future tourism and health show on TVR International.

In present, the station broadcasts other shows with “Romanian titles” among which Discover Romania, Romanian Academy – Continous present, Diverse Romania, Invest in Romania!, Balneary Romania or Hello, Romania!

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Autor: Carmen Maria Andronache

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