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Dinu Patriciu, forcefully executed by Peter Imre, his step son and a former manager. Patriciu’s lawyer: the 3 didn’t had a contract with Patriciu


Dinu-PatriciuJudicial executors reached again to Dinu Patriciu’s residence in Snagov, for a forceful execution demanded by Peter Imre (former general manager Adevarul Holding), Andrei Stefan (Patriciu’s step son) and Adrian Vasile (former member in Adevarul’s board), as Patriciu’s lawyer confirmed, in a statement for B1 TV.


Elena Corciu, Patriciu’s lawyer, says that there was no services contract made between Dinu Patriciu and the 3 people mentioned earlier.

“Mr Dinu Patriciu doesn’t owe to Peter Imre, Andrei Stefan or Adrian Vasile the amounts they pretend via forcefull execution. There wasn’t ever made, between Dinu Patriciu and these gentlemen, a contract to mention that Dinu Patriciu assumes the obligation to pay those amounts. And neither Peter Imre, Andrei Stefan or Adrian Vasile didn’t made any service to be able to claim these money."

The forcefull execution is initiated based on blank tickets made by Dinu Patriciu in order to perfect Adevarul Holding transaction.

Many believed that Patriciu will die during the extremely complicated surgery he suffered and there won’t be anyone to check or dispute anything. Those 3 blank tickets are juridically nul, as they isn’t any contract made between Dinu Patriciu and those pretended creditors.

They cannot prove that they did any services for Dinu Patriciu. And that is why we made an opposing action to forcefull execution

The magistrates allowed the forcefull execution of Dinu Patriciu on the grounds of a debt the businessman would have towards the three.
From the 3, Peter Imre claims Dinu Patriciu owes him Euro 80,000.
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Autor: Carmen Maria Andronache

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