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How many Romanians watched Romanians got talent final? What was the result of the battle with Suleyman


romanii au talentRomanians got talent final was the most watched program on May 10th, with Pro TV’s contest – won by Bruno Iacobet and his trained dogs – being the 1st in ranking on its interval. Also, the show won the audience battle over.


Romanians got talent final was the longest edition of the season, it started at 20.30 and ended at 1.30. On certain intervals, it intersected with a Suleyman rerun on Kanal D and Dinamo-Steaua football game broadcasted by DigiSport.

At national level, for the entire show, Romanians got talent was watched by 2.5M Romanians, 4 times more than 2nd in the top, Kanal D. Antena 1 ranked 4th. At urban level, over 1.4M people watched Pro TV, with the second most watched being Kanal D (300,000), while Antena 1 claimed the 3rd position. When it comes of commercial audience, Pro TV was watched by 756.000 people (13.7 rtg), seconded by Antena 1 (162.000 viewers, 2.9 rtg)

Romanians got talent and the last episode of Suleyman, rerun by Kanal D, intersected for around 2 hours. In the direct battle interval, Pro TV ranked 1st on all targets, with Suleyman coming second. Antena 1, with Meet Joe Black, was 4th at national level and 3rd in urban areas

Dinamo-Steaua derby was broadcasted by DigiSport, a TV that doesn’t have official audience data. Still, during the game, “others” chapter in audience measurement posted a consistent increase
See more audience data and info here.

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Autor: Carmen Maria Andronache

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