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Project: Violent and pornographic shows, on TV only after midnight


televizorThe shows with immoral, indecent, violent and pornographic content can be broadcasted by TV stations only from 24.00 – 06.00, according to a law project aimed to complete the Audiovisual Law and that was initiated by Dan Cristian Popescu, representative in Parliament from Civic Force.


According to the proposal, “there are contraventions the following: broadcasting shows that highlight immoral, indecent, obscene aspects from a person’s life, violent gestures and attitudes, scenes that include fights or swearing, erotic or vulgar images, physical exposure in an erotic manner, presenting intimate information and other aspects that go beyond the decency limit, beyond the interval 24.00 – 6.00″.

When a media services provider broadcasts repeatedly this kind of content, CNA can decide to withdraw the audiovisual licence or the right to provide it.

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Autor: Carmen Maria Andronache

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