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What did Romanians watched on TV on May 1st?


serviciul roman de comedieAlthough they went out for picnics on Labor Day, Romanians still consumed TV, but audiences were smaller than in any other normal day.


Romanian Comedy Service and Pro TV News were the most watched TV programs on May 1 st , along with Pro TV News’ Sports section. All those programs managed to keep every minute in front of the TV over 1M Romanians at national level and are in top also when it comes of urban audiences.

In the line up of most watched programs on May 1st are also Antena’s Observer, Mr. Bean, Romanians got artists (with Mihai Bendeac), Happy Hour (that surpassed Acces Direct and Bet with life).

On May 1st, the total number of TV viewers was smaller than in an ordinary day. This way, 3.7M people from which 2.1M living in urban areas were watching TV on Labor Day. The April average viewership was of 4,9M, with 2.4M in urban areas.

The table with most viewed TV programs on May 1st is available here.

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Autor: Carmen Maria Andronache

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