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How do stars promote products in their videos? What brands do Connect-R, Andra and Corina have next to them?


Connect-R PepsiProducts found a new way to promote in order to get in public’s attention: placement in stars’ videos. Connect-R drinks Pepsi in “Vara nu dorm”, Corina eats Chio Chips, while Andra dyes her hair with Garnier in “Totul va fi bine”.


Product placement is more oftenly seen in TV programs but, during the last period, managed to gain ground in more and more Romanian stars’ videos. Brands such as Pepsi, Chio, Garnier, Ursus, Lee Cooper subtlely appear in videos.

Connect-R advertises Pepsi in his known hit “Eu vara nu dorm”, a successful association, as Razvan Matasel appreciates.

Elena Gheorghe promotes, in “Ecou” video, Lucia Bella clothing brand and Sony Xperia Z waterproof phone. The ad for the phone is as explicit as it can get and promotes phone’s quality to resist water, as the star drops it intentionally in a bath tub.

Chio Chips appears in 2 videos - Connect-R’s ”Vedeta mea” and Corina’s “A ta”.

In Andra’s “Inevitabil va fi bine” video, there are 3 placed products: Garnier, Freeway drink and La Festa’s 3 în 1 coffee. Andra is also the image for Garnier hair dye in Romania.

In Vama’s “Perfect fara tine” video, 4 products are placed, coming from Giuseppe pizza, Seat Leon, Ursus and Aqua Carpatica.

Smiley, Alex Velea and Don Baxter are promoting the Lee Cooper brand, with its logo appearing for a few seconds in “Cai verzi pe pereţi” video.

What do communication & strategy specialists think about product placement?

Sorin Psatta, Integrated Communication Director BBDO Romania.

“At marketing level, I am reserved when it comes of the efficiency of product placement in videos, it’s like a lottery. More than anything, one cannot control the efficiency during the video”

On the other hand, Razvan Matasel, Managing Partner Arsenoaiei&Matasel, said he believes in this way of promotion – product placement – and even recommends it

“Product placement in videos is a way to escape ad breaks, and the association between a brand and a star is built, this way, very fast, faster than via ads”, Matasel said.

Sorin Psatta: Efficiency of placing products in videos is like a lottery

“It’s despair. That reminds me of the despair of ATF students that, in order to make their movies, were going to Dragonul Rosu and were trying to convince some Chinese people to give money for film in exchange of inserting some of their products in the movie. It is a big hunger in this area, one one side the artists add some more money to their budget and, on the other, companies think it doesn’t cost much” and there’s a chance to be a hit, Psatta says.

”It is a meeting between 2 poors that hope to get rich together. It is the poor relative of product placement. At marketing level, I am vert reserved when it comes of efficiency, it’s like a lottery. More than anything, you can’t control the efficiency when the video is running”, said Psatta.

Razvan Matasel, Managing Partner, Arsenoaiei&Matasel: I believe in this kind of promotion, I even recommend it

"Depends on the artist, song, brand, it can be very efficient. I believe in this kind of promotion, I even recommend it. For example, Pepsi şi Connect-R and “Vara nu dorm” song represented a successful association. Placing products in videos is a way to evade classical ad breaks and the association between a brand and a star is build this way much faster than via ads.It is very important for video’s public to match brand’s target. If you only do it as media, I don’t think it works. The association must match the target", said Matasel.

How is product placement regulated in Romania?

According to the Audiovisual Code, product placement means “any form of audiovisual commercial communication consisting in including a product, service or their brand or in referring to those by inserting them in a program, for a fee or counter-service”. The same code demands to warn viewers in relation with product placement.

“The product placement is signaled in the start and in the end of the program, but also when it starts again, after every ad break, by the mention ‘This program contains / contained product placement and PP symbol with white on black, visibly shown (…) for at least 5 seconds”, the same Code adds.

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