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Movies in May: The first 12 productions were broadcasted by Pro; National TV – in top 20


AreWeThereYetSpring made its effects felt in movies’ audiences and, in May, none of the broadcasted productions went over 900,000 viewers at urban level.


The most watched movie was a comedy, Are we there yet?, with Ice Cube starring and 894,000 viewers per minute watching it. Second most watched was a movie with Jennifer Lopez, Enough,with 883.000 viewers per minute.

The most viewed movie on Antena, ranking 13 in top, was Rush Hour (630.000 viewers).

Naţional TV entered the top of the most watched movies with an Indian production, Memories’ Chain (602.000).
Detailed data of movies’ audience in May is available here.

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Autor: Carmen Maria Andronache

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